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1. God Rest You Merry 2. Tua Bethlehem Dref 3. Wassail All Over The Town 4. Personent Hodie 5. Le Sommeil de l'Enfant Jesus 6. O Come, O Come Emannuel 7. Rorate 8. The Coventry Carol 9. Brightest And Best 10 Christmas Day I'Da Morning 11. The Christ Child's Lullaby 12. Infant In The Manger 13. Irish Carol 14. Wassail Song 15. The Salutation Carol 16. Virgin Most Pure 17. Bring A Torch Jeannette, Isabella 18. Drive the Cold Winter Away
Harpsichord Irish Harp Baroque Violin Baroque Flute Flageolet Hurdy-Gurdy
Since ancient times the waning light of winter has been the focus of ceremony and ritual the times when the rhythms of life centered around the rhythms of the land. Carols were dances that survived the Dark Ages and continued to celebrate the cycles of the year well into the Christian era. The music associated with these carols ranges from the somber hymn to the later joyous melodies that show their dancing roots. Music of the simple voice, not the majestic choir.. I have tried to capture that spirit in this recording. Sparse accompaniments with simple arrangements. Music for a season that is as much a time for reflection as it is for celebration. A quiet music that allows you to listen for the answers to the questions it poses about the cycles of life and the rebirth of light and hope. A gentle music that does not drown out the voice of the winter wind.