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The hurdy-gurdy was introduced into Western music in the early middle ages and was first known as an organistrum. This instrument was used in sacred music and was large enough to two require people to play it. Over time the idea of a 'wheel fiddle' evolved into a smaller instrument, being used over much of the continent (with a few exceptions); it was popular with street musicians who would accompany their singing. The songs on this CD are from English broadsides and printed materials so they were familiar in the American colonies as well, and date from the 17th and 18th centuries. For a bit of variety I have sprinkled in a variety of dance tunes and listening pieces as well.
The Road To Boßton / The Roße Tree Patrick's Song from "The Poor Soldier" Noneßuch How Stands The Glaßß Around Old Bachelor The Miller Of Dee Tobacco Here's To The Maiden Of Baßhful Fifteen Fair And Softly Mad Maudlin's Search Air From Xerxes Trader's Medley King Of Poland The Lincolnßhire Poacher Maßter Tommys Married The Accomplißhed Maid Song in The Elopement The Leather Bottel Mißß Agnes Gordon's Minuet
Hurdy-gurdy Fiddle Flute Flageolet English guittar Union Pipes Clavichord