Robert Mouland is one of the few performers that presents the music of Colonial America on genuine antique instruments. For years, his appearances in accurate historical clothing have both entertained and educated audiences from around the world, at some of the most historic settings in America including George Washington's Mount Vernon, Carpenter's Hall, The National Constitution Center, Colonial Williamsburg and the Museum Of The American Revolution. He has spent decades studying the musical traditions of Ireland and the British Isles, and their impact on Colonial America. The resulting repetoire is a blend of lively jigs, reels and gentle airs would have been familiar to the Founding Fathers and Common Folk alike at dances, dinners and public events. His clothing is historically accurate and embellished with many antique accessories. When combined with the very instruments played in the 18th century, the result is a truly unique performance in every way. He only uses these rare instruments when performing indoors. For outdoor events, he employs a reproduction baroque violin, baroque flute and flageolet and shuttle bagpipes. For most historical outdoor events. Robert brings his jig puppets that include George Washington and Benjamin Franklin (see “Dancers On A String”).
In the Central Passage at George Washington’s Mount Vernon