Irish Music
Robert’s “Legacy Of The Irish Harp” is one of the most unique presentations in the realm of traditional Irish music today. For years, his use of period instruments and historic clothing has both entertained and educated audiences from around the world, at some of the most historic settings in America. He has spent the last thirty five years studying the  traditions of Ireland's music, history and culture. He seamlessly weaves a magical blend of songs,jigs, reels and airs with folk tales and stories, creating a unique style of performance that defies a simple description. He performs a musical timeline starting with the early melodies of the harp tradition right up to the driving dance tunes that are so popular today. His mastery of a variety of instruments,comfortable humor and years of public speaking all add greatly to his stagecraft. For outdoor festivals and settings, the venue will normally provide a sturdy 10 x 10 shelter. Robert employs some of the same marionettes that so delight audiences in his historical offerings. Characters shown below are Mother Mo’ Chroi’ (The Irish Washerwoman), Danny Boy and the world’s greatest step dancer: Ceili Creamcheese! Stage performances have the same theme of musical history, with multiple instruments.  
At the Dublin (OH) Irish Festival 2014
The 17th century Sirr Harp copy Robert made