Robert Mouland , born in Teaneck NJ, first came to traditional Irish music while teaching school in rural Vermont in the 70's. With little guidance beyond a few albums and books, he began to learn the fiddle by playing one which belonged to his greatgrandfather, an old time musician who played the country dances of the NJ Pine Barrens at the beginning of the last century. His real study began when he came to the Philadelphia region, which had a thriving community of Irish musicians. A small group would gather at someone's house to learn and exchange tunes, as had been done for generations.  He became friends with many great players from Irelandand America and some, like the late piper Tomas Standeven, would have  profound influence on his playing and approach to folk music in general. Robert was enchanted by the history and lore of the cláirseach, the legendary wirestrung harp of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands, and the seed of an idea was sown. He made a few period instruments, began doing performances that concentrated on the music of 18th century Ireland and the British Isles and the impact it had on life in Early America. To make these presentations more "alive", Robert made clothing that was accurate to the period. He currently demonstrates and performs both period and antique instruments, talking about folk culture and family traditions; these themes strike a responsive chord with the audiences of today. This unusual approach has afforded him an opportunity to play in a remarkable variety of settings. He is known for the easy nature of his performances, a casual give and take with the listener that is sprinkled with good humor and education.