A collections of songs accompanied by hurdy-gurdy (and other instruments) found in 17th and 18th century English broadsides, and from the popular stage plays of the day. A few dance tunes and other instrumentals as well.
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Hurdy-gurdy Fiddle Flute Flageolet English guittar Union Pipes Clavichord
The Road To Boston / The Rose Tree Patrick's Song from "The Poor Soldier" Nonesuch How Stands The Glass Around Old Bachelor The Miller Of Dee Tobacco Here's To The Maiden Of Bashful Fifteen Fair And Softly Mad Maudlin's Search Air From Xerxes Trader's Medley King Of Poland The Lincolnshire Poacher Master Tommys Married The Accomplished Maid Song in The Elopement The Leather Bottel Miss Agnes Gordon's Minuet