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1.McGrigor's Search / Mr. David Stewart's Reel Dunse Dings All 2.The Black Girl Is Not Cheerful 3. Seaforth's Salutation 4. Tweed Side / Geoghagan's Frisk 5. Castle Downs / Scots Shall Call 6. Thussle Lodge 7. Lovely Nancy / Port Patrick 8. She's Sweetest When She's Naked 9. Highlander's Farewell To Ireland 10. St. Kilda Wedding 11. One Winking Eye 12. North Highland Reels or Country Dances # 1 13. Baird Of Newbyth 14. Gradh Mo Chrioda Mai 15. Colonel McBaine 16. Song For Attracting Seals
The music of 18th century Scotland had remarkable diversity. Unlike other European societies that preferred a clear seperation between the 'art' music of the nobility and that of the masses, Scottish society embraced both. Collections of folk tunes for dancing appeared as early as the 17th century, and newly composed music was accepted in the drawing as well as the local tavern. While the Great Highland Bagpipe is seen as the national instrument and very symbol of Scottish music, it was certainly not alone. The Gaelic harp had flourished for centuries, and by the 1700's was already a relic from the distant past. The fiddle had joined the bellows blown pipes in the Border regions, and became more and more popular with the growing fondness for dancing. Amatuers played flutes in their parlors, wealthy ladies took up the fashion of playing the cittern (English guittar) or practiced on their harpsichords. This collection of melodies hopes to reflect the spirit and music of that time.