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The Hibernian Muse is a collection of tunes from the rare book of the same name that was published by the Thompsons in 1786. There is only one known copy in the world. In addition to a brief essay on Irish music it has a short biography of the Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan, and contains his music arranged for keyboard. There are some melodies not found in other 18th century publications, but many were printed in other books. Robert has followed these arrangements using all (or some) or his period and antique instruments.
Carolan's Receipt John Nugent Irish Hoboy Da Mihi Manum O' Rourke's Feast Gracey Nugent Ballinamona Oro Gramachree Molly The Wild Irishman George Reynolds, Esq. Mrs. Trench Irish Air from "Robin Hood" St. Patrick's Day O'Connor I Am Sleeping Irish Mad Song Paddy Whack Sheen Sheesh Igus Souse Lum John Kelly Irish Air Rakes Of Westmeath Sarsfield's Lamentation Patrick Kelly Irish Widow Irish Air (p. 65)
English Bentside Spinet Wirestrung Irish Harp Union Pipes Baroque Fiddle (c. 1760) Baroque Flute (c. 1790) English Guittar (c. 1770) Flageolet (c. 1850-70)