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The tradition of the seanchie did not die with the great houses of the Gael. Storytellers flourished long after the aristocracy would no longer be able to support the ancient harping and bardic traditions. The tales and myths became the wards of the common folk and continued their life, and were imbued with new life, beside the turf fires of the humble hearth throughout the Celtic lands. Here is a few of those tales, the spoken word accented by Irih and Scottish melody.
My Nanny O 1:58 The Tayman 5:49 Rory Dalls Sisters Lament 3:50 Charles O' Connor 3:03 The StarThrower 11:46 The Fiddler and the Phuca 7:14 O Rare Turpin Hero 1:51 King Cormac's Cup 20:24
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