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Seventeen Come Sunday William Taylor Pleasures Of Town/ The Virgin Pullets The Farmer's Cursed Wife When Jones's Ale Was New Liberty Tree Alloway House The Longford Weaver Valentine O'Hara Michael And All Angels The Banks Of Red Roses Wha's Fou? Bryan O'Lynn Dermott O'Dowd The Cow That Ate the Piper I Am Stretched On Your Grave A Thriving Trade/Ye Major/The Gobby O
Unaccompanied Voice Harpsichord Baroque Flute Baroque Fiddle English Guittar Flageolet Shuttle Pipes Union Pipes
A collection of traditional songs done in a variety of styles. Some are quite sad, some humorous. One is even written by a famous patriot of the American Revolution! The accompaniment is perhaps unique, in that some tracks are backed by genuine 18th century instruments. Others are in the older style of having no accompaniment at all. A few instrumentals are included as well.