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1. Sir Charles Sedley's Minuet - 3:05 2. Ranger's Wedding - 3:59 3. Easter Thursday - 3:39 4. Haste To The Wedding - 3:44 5. Lord Howe's Jigg - 3:53 6. A Hole In The Wall - 4:14 7. Constancy - 3:12 8. Mr. Isaac's Maggot - 3:23 9. Oyster River (Oyster Wives Rant) - 3:42 10. Well Hall - 4:25 11. Fandango - 3:43 12. Childgrove - 4:05 13. The Wet Quakers - 3:58 14. Parson's Farewell - 4:22 15. Hunt The Squiril - 4:02 57:35
I was introduced to English country dancing by a group of reenactors wanting music for a program they were performing at the Wintherthur Museum in Delaware. I had already been playing for dancers for many, many years at an Irish ceili held every week in Philadelphia and was amazed by the similarities in style and tunes. I was particularly struck by the tune Haste To The Wedding, a familiar dance to both groups. The music had survived note for note into modern times and is still known to most Irish musicians worldwide. This led to many years of research into what was played for social dancing in early America, and how it might have been performed. I hope, with this CD, to create an authentic sound for those who actually perform these dances, as well as those who are interested in the social music of the 18th century British colonies. All of the figures for these dances are published and easily accessed. Much of the success of the endeavor will be the result of the instrumentation.
English bentside spinet harpsichord used on this recording. I built it in 1995.